The Sea, The Work, & D&D

Three things set me up for the year: a) taking a week overlooking the churning ocean in Cornwall where any moment I can’t face emails, I can don my coat and go and walk the coastal paths with Kath. b) knowing that Devoted and Disgruntled is just around the corner (8th/9th Feb) when I will be surrounded by new creativity, new creatives, old friends, and old challenges. And c) when I get asked to do a workshop by a theatre dedicated to helping the next generation of creatives see a path forward.

My thanks to Steph Connell for coming up with the title and inviting me to the Tron Theatre to spend two hours exploring tools which we can all use for 2020, and then offering five 1-2-1 CGO Surgeries to creative practitioners where we get down deep into discussing a project or a challenge.

2020 is already shaping up to be a rollercoaster year.  Working with Soha Kahn on creative workshops for young male and female Saudi artists, planning an 8 day workshop on Musical Theatre writing in Perm Moscow, launching with Kath the Art of Being Heard presentation and authentic presence workshops which she ran so brilliantly when we were in East Anglia, working hard with colleagues at the Royal Conservatoire Scotland to launch the MA Creative Producing which I brought to them as an idea, and which is now recruiting for its first cohort in September, working with the Trad Music Forum on workshops around Scotland exploring the business of being a performer, preparing for Edinburgh International Festivals’ Cross Currents programme, and working with the University of West of Scotland on another MA which should start in Jan 2020.   For more information on any or all of these, do get in touch.

But running throughout my year will continue my work on creative business coaching and CGO Surgeries.  Each month I will spend a day in London and a day in Edinburgh offering 1-2-1 surgeries. I will continue to run the Producers’ Pool monthly in London, and I will be opening up for some more longer term Coaching clients.

In each of these practices I ask a lot of questions, offer some wonderful tools that I use and have been taught, and draw on the knowledge that each person already has for possible paths, challenges, aspirations which they may have.  This week I have had time, overlooking Mounts Bay, to check in my CGO Coaching Toolkit and add a few more practices which I haven’t used for a while. I look forward to sharing them with clients.

If you would like a life/business coach, wherever you are in the world, and you have something to do with the creative arts, then do check out whether I might be the person to contact   I’m loving working with a London based screenwriter, a New York based actress/poet, a San Francisco based singer/songwriter, and a London based actor and cabaret performer.  A lovely mix. Come join me if you think I can help.

And so as the sun sets over Mounts Bay, the Tron workshop leaflet goes out on Facebook, and I think about what I am devoted to, and disgruntled with for D&D, I wish you a happy New Year.


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