Launching Essential Creative Producing – London Intensive

It has been fascinating using zoom over the last 4 years to lead Diplomas and short courses for Creative Producers from around the world.  But now I’m being encouraged to move away from the confines and opportunities of Zoom and back into a room with a group of aspirational and inspiring theatre producers of the future.  On Sept 13th we will host out first 4 day intensive in London for a small cohort to work with members of the CGO Institute Faculty.

In talking to those who need/want the course I have been struck by their enthusiasm to travel to London from across the UK and beyond for a course where we are working without remote access.  We may still use some of the brilliant functions we have harnessed over lockdown, but we will be free to move around the room, meet each other {as someone said… to see each other’s legs and shoes}.  For more information and how to apply head to or just email me for an application info pdf at chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org

In fact the initial plan has two key aspects – tying it to the StageOne course rate to keep it as attractive as possible, and designing it in a modular form to enable people to choose from 5 different date combinations to attend the course. The Primary journey is Fri-Mon starting 13th September [Option A].  But we have added a 2nd course the following weekend with the option that people could choose to undertake the programme in one of three different split dates – Fri&Sat on each weekend, Sat&Sun of each weekend, or Sun&Mon of each weekend.  This will allow people to take time off, maybe, more easily. It will also mean that there will be a changing cohort across the two weekends allowing even more chance to meet possible collaborators for the future.

After this trial London Intensive in September we will review what is needed and what works best. We might offer the programme in other Cities with theatre partners in 2025. We have been asked to prepare intensives in other countries working bilingually with interpreters. And we may take the Intensive back onto Zoom in 2025 if there is an appetite for this.

I watch with continued pleasure the pathways that previous alumnae are making from my MA programme at Mountview and my Diploma courses over the last 4 years. Some of those I have had the pleasure to tutor/mentor/teach over these years are now deeply established in their own fields of work. Some are now my go-to teachers and tutors for these Essential Creative Producing programmes.

It is always a pleasure to work with those who are 30+ years younger and wiser than me. They are closer to the challenges and opportunities than I might be.  My role is to offer some of the ‘tools and rules’ of producing, whilst they can show how they are implementing everything in their work.  I can offer the challenge for new producers to join us on the journey and equip themselves with the personal skills and connections/research they need, and my younger and wiser colleagues can share their highs and lows as excellent problem solvers.

It can be lonely as the entrepreneur championing a new project or exciting new company who deserve to be noticed. It is a challenging financial and societal landscape but the world needs the arts. It uplifts our spirits, heals and educates, works in collaboration with so many care,  wellness and training agencies across the UK, and can be an economic driver locally, regionally and internationally.  At the heart of every good project is a producer – whatever their job title.  Do join us and understand a little more of how to “make stuff happen”.  

If you have read this and know anyone or any network that might be interested, please share the links. If you would like to sign up then get in touch with me and we can take it from there.

Off we go


18th May 2024

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