CGO Development – International Training

Over a number of years CGO has offered bespoke shortform bilingual training programmes either in the UK or in the host country. We have worked in Korea ( commercial theatre producing), Japan (theatre producing), Russia (musical theatre writing), China (musical theatre producing), the Netherlands (musical theatre writing), and worked with conferences and conventions in Portugal, USA, Philippines, and Australia.

In 2018 we ran a small programme led by Associate Tania Azevedo for aspiring professional performers in Saudi Arabia (Dammam). After the pandemic, in 2022 we ran two much larger programmes directly for the Ministry of Culture – the first in London & Scotland for Saudi Arabian future theatre designers, and the second across Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah for the potential ‘triple threat’ Musical Theatre performers of the future. Here we worked bilingually with a UK/US faculty of directors, musical directors and movement specialists alongside UK/Arabic speaking theatremaking/interpreters.

CGO Development, the international aspect of CGO, then prepared 9 programmes for 2023 in Saudi Arabia but on 27th Feb they were cancelled. We continue to work with Saudi independent theatremakers and MENA agencies to consider how our English/Arabic training programmes can be reenvisaged. In July 2023 we will, once again, work with the Korean Arts Management Services (KAMS) on a training/networking mission for 10 highly experienced commercial Korean producers to London.

CGO is delighted to be building so many links with the aspiring and early career producers of the future through the DipCP, zoom workshops, and coaching. We are always pleased to explore possible training and connecting programmes.