Art of Being Heard

Masterclasses in Authentic Presence

  • Are you communicating from a place of confidence and energy?
  • Can you ‘hold the room’ and speak with authority?
  • Are you coming across authentically, with maximum personal impact?

The Art of Being Heard is a masterclass in authentic presence. We will work with the fundamental toolkit of each person’s body, breath and voice to increase communicative power, gravitas and influence.

CGO is working in conjunction with the Authentic Artist Collective on the programme. This is being shared across the Scottish business sector by Arts & Business Scotland as part of their trial Marketplace programme.

You will:

  • understand how your physical and vocal habits help or hinder your effectiveness
  • practice simple, repeatable exercises that will transform your capacity to make a powerful entrance
  • learn how to manage nerves, take up space and land your messages with impact

The skills you will practice may be applied to presentations, interviews, appraisals, business meetings, networking and more.  Prepare yourself to deliver your best self under pressure.  Discover the art of being heard.

The Art of Being Heard is led by theatre director and communications skills coach Kath Burlinson, Ph.D.  Kath brings energy, compassion, humour and integrity to all her work. She has fifteen years’ experience of leading training and development programmes for clients including Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Program, Greene King, Digital Europe, Capgemini, Oxera, Servest, the NHS and many others. She has worked extensively in both private and public sectors, and designed leadership, personal impact and communication training for clients at all levels. She is a Senior Tutor at RADA and a qualified Physical Intelligence coach for Companies in Motion.

To book a one day workshop for your business please contact: chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org

This is a course every manager should undertake. How do you know what your impact is and how to improve it without this sort of guidance?”  KL / Dep CEO

I don’t think I have ever experienced a more powerful course. I have worked in media and communication for nearly twenty years and at last I have truly learnt to communicate effectively to ensure delivery of message.” LM / Board of TRBSE

“Any leader of any organisation would benefit from this course (and have a lovely time doing it!)”  MM / Community Primary School,

Kath is a complete expert who has a wonderfully engaging style.  She gave me a gift – to see ourselves as others see us.” IN/Living inside the brand”

We all have a few minutes in life to make a positive impact on life – this course will give me the increased skills and confidence to make a difference MV / Logistics