Producers’ Pool

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Producers’ Pool is a FREE networking organisation for creative producers training in, working in, or managing the UK theatre and creative industries. It has no office, no membership subs, no staff (save me as meetings and membership assnt), no board or heirachy. It is there to bring producers together and answer two ongoing questions what do you need? right now which someone might be able to help with, or maybe point you in the right direction for the answer; and “what can you offer?” to an individual or this community of creative beings.

The network grew from a monthly meeting group established by StageOne producer Julie Claire. Since Sept 2015 CGO has managed the group growing it to a current membership of 620 of whom at least 530 have attended one or many meetings over the 5 years (data September 2020)

Meetings are currently held once a month, historically in London but now on Zoom. There is a small charge (usually £5-8 to defray costs). The first Zoom lock down meeting on 24th March 2020 had 60 producers based in USA, Spain, Brazil, Germany and Singapore. It allowed members to join from their homes across the UK. For the foreseeable future meetings will be in the cloud, rather than on the ground. But in time we will move to alternating between the two.

The next meeting is Wed 28th April 4-6pm – connect into the network via Facebook or email chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org

I would be delighted to hear from anyone wishing to create a Producers’ Pool in their professional geographic or artform community, and especially to any network able to spread the word about meetings so that we can expand FREE membership and attendance at meetings. Predominantly the membership is of theatre producers, but many of us cross many artforms. Producers’ Pool is open to anyone who self-identifies as a producer of other people’s work in whatever medium.

We now have a Producers’Pool (SW) representing creative producers across the South West of England. For more information when the January meeting dates is set, join the closed Facebook group or email Chris Grady Producers’Pool (Scotland) was launched Nov 2020 to encompass creative producers, festival and venue managers and curators across all artforms where there is a live audience from traditional music, through theatre, to exhibitions. The next meeting Wed 5th May 4-6pm Book Here This is part of a wider programme of initiatives in Scotland for CGO supported by Creative Scotland.

The lack of formal structure allows maximum flexibility to respond to a need by a segment of the 500+ community. Meetings can be created around particular issues, and people can begin to work on projects created through a connection made at a meeting.

Training sessions are being developed on Zoom (for the moment) which will cover some basic areas of general need – work/life balance tools, basic marketing fundamentals to help freelancers and small companies, the core of fundraising strategies, and setting goals and actions on a challenging/exciting project (avoiding overwhelm). Anyone wanting a group session around these areas email me chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org

We use a closed Facebook group to carry information on meetings whilst not wishing to duplicate the discussion/information site UK Theatre Producers with its 10,000 followers

Producers’ Pool is there to do what others are not doing. We are not a Union or Management Representing body. We are a meeting ground for discussion and one-to-one connection. Together we know loads, individually we may need help.

A typical meeting may have producers from 10-15 Countries represented, because we welcome MA Students and graduates from the major Creative Producing courses at Royal Central and Mountview, and the new Diploma courses from CGO Institute and Maverick. These creative beings either stay in the UK and enrich the industry here, or return home to inspire productions in their country and continue to stay connected with Producers’ Pool. It is in this way that CGO can honestly say that it can connect to 20-30 countries across the world of theatre to get hands-on, grass roots information when needed.

This group is for producers of other people’s work. It is for early-career and many-years-on-the-clock producers. It is for commercial and subsidised, building based and freelance coffee shop/laptop based. It is for fringe and big, local, national and international producers. And it is for people who juggle many of these different forms of producing in an overwhelming portfolio. It is for you…if you are a producer

You may also be a director, writer, actor and developing your own personal project which you self produce – but in the main the 500+ members are in the business of making other people’s stuff happen.