CGO Events

Here are dates/events for my diary in red – please share. Thank you.

Fri 23rd to Mon 26th April – ShowMe – a weekend for aspiring & reluctant producers + SPAs (self producing artists) in Scotland and beyond. we will be running 8 skill and opinion sharing workshops under the banner of ShowMe. Final details are coming together but we are looking at marketing, fundraising, pitching ideas, basic budgeting, audience & participation development, the role of the producer, the producer as inspirer, and how to ensure we remain passionate and resilient.  8 workshops led by practitioners and colleagues including Idi Casilli, Briana Pegado, Lesley Anne Rose, Ellie Claughton, Emily Ingram, Emma Martin, & Fin Ross Russell plus a Ceilidh with Mairi Campbell and a light hearted Shakespeare Challenge with Victoria Gartner and Will & Co (in honour of his birthday).  Thanks to support from the speakers and Creative Scotland this whole weekend is available with a Weekend Pass for £20. And individual sessions can be zoomed into for £5 each.  If you would like a Weekend Pass then here’s the link .   FULL BROCHURE HERE leading you to individual workshop tickets. 

Wed 28th April 4-6pm Producers’ Pool (UK & International) – Networks and communities for producers. Jake Orr of UK Theatre producers, The Fifth Producer, and Chris Grady will explore with, we hope, the Producer’s Gathering, StageOne, each offering supportive and varied opportunities, like PP, for aspiring, emerging and early career producers.

Wed 5th May 4-6pm Producer’s Pool (Scotland)James Hadley (MTN:UK) and Chris Grady (Producers’ Pool/Scotland) welcome venues, programmers, producers and developers of Musical Theatre to explore the commercial and subsidised landscape in Scotland, the UK and beyond. We welcome participants who are keen to collaborate on projects over the short, medium and long-term as we move into a new blended live and digital future.    If you’re a Scottish producer, or a producer interested in Scottish musicals, join us for a conversation about what approaches you’d like to see, in the future, towards producing musicals in Scotland. What producing models best serve the Scottish theatre industry and its musical theatre creatives? How should these change to meet their evolving and future needs? Are more co-producing or consortium approaches needed? How could independent producers in Scotland be better supported to produce new musicals?  This next online event  in partnership with Musical Theatre Network – a UK-wide membership of producers, venues, higher education organisations and others developing and staging new musicals

NOTE FOR YOUR DIARY – Wed 26th May will be the first blended live/ground meet space and digital/cloud meeting. Wherever you are in the world you will be able to join the live celebration of theatre future for producers.  Suggest you mark off 4-7pm in your diary. More info shortly. 

Calling all Producers: Do sign up to the closed Facebook Group  and you can then book through.  This is a network for producers, festival and venue programmers, commissioners, curators and all those people who make other people’s ‘stuff’ happen in the live arts (all artforms welcome, all levels of ambition, experience welcome).  If you are not on Facebook, email chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org to get on the mail list. 

Producing – Proper Job – Honest Workshops. These workshops are 2hrs (usually) and available for network organisations where a one off charge is agreed, or we schedule them for an open access date where the charge is £5 or £1 for ideas rich, cash very poor.   Next Date Sun 24th April 11-1pm (bookable as part of ShowMe – see above). Future dates by arrangement.

Other available Workshops.  Feel free to contact CGO to book a Producing – Proper Job – Honest workshop for your organisation/network (pathways and skills for producers and SPAs) or The Art of Chocolate Cake (basics in Arts Marketing and Fundraising) and Your Life in Theatre & The Anatomy of your Creativity for self producing and individual artists exploring their career pathways. Do contact CGO for future dates.

Diploma in Creative Producing Mon 12th April – Cloud-based – Starting day for the 2nd 16 week Diploma in Creative Producing for up to 12 students from UK and International.  Applications now welcomed for the 3rd cohort from end October 2021 to end Feb 2022 For more information start here

bigears-small-imageOngoing – private clients / skype or in person:

CGO (Chris Grady.Org) is all about Making Connections through a mix of coaching, surgery, workshops and specialist consultancy. If you would like to learn more, do get in touch. We offer a limited number of clients personal/business Coaching – usually over 3 months helping with a life/business change or a specific creative challenge/project. Do talk to us about rates.

I was asked by another coaching mentor to uncover, through a series of exercises, my own “superhero” – the it/they I have cultivated over the years, and maybe not realised how important this ally is within me. I came up with Bigears.  He was a best friend, must have been a good listener, and for me he is there to remind me to listen to myself – what I am feeling in the moment.  I hope to bring that skill to support my work.   Do get in touch if I can help.