Proud “Dad”

Keeping watch on me are 5 group photos. The first taken in June 2016 features the first 5 people to take the Masters in Creative Producing which I created in Mountview with a “dad” card given to me in thanks.  The last is the current screenshot of 8 producers staying/hailing from Scotland, Italy, Estonia, Malaysia and England who gather 2 days a week with me for the Diploma in Creative Producing delivered by the wonder of Zoom. 39 creative beings who have trusted me to guide them through an array of modules in marketing, budgeting, self-discovery, production planning and so much more.  This week we had the first interviews for the next course which will start on November 1st and 2 more people have been offered places.

What is wonderful about this flock of creatives is that many of them are really close allies now and supporters of the work which I’m doing. Some are now part of the Faculty teaching the next generation.  Some are helping me to lead workshops on producing by bringing their much younger and much more diverse perspectives into the room.  It is joyful sharing a platform with someone who is at the earliest stage of their career, as we talk to those who might take the first tentative steps to be the entrepreneurs of the future.  Together we can inspire future theatremakers, and help answer questions under the workshop title of ‘Producing – Proper Job – Honest’ (PPJH).

All 39 creatives I have taught, and those who I guided and taught at Anglia Ruskin before, have demonstrated a passion for the arts, a belief that making theatre or events is important for our wellbeing and communities, and that working together and building peer to peer support makes the journey easier and richer.

They are learning every day, of course, but so am I. It is a privilege to facilitate masterclasses with wise makers & challengers like David Glass and Kerry Michael, and to ginger-up discussions between a class of aspiring producers to show me the way that they might make work differently into the future.  We are each inspired by Alice McGrath encouraging our creativity, or Ellie Claughton leading us through budgets, or Cassie Leon or Dais Hale exploring their creative worlds.  The mentors who have said ‘yes’ when asked to support each individual producer has been humbling – but they too do it because they want to be inspired by looking at their established worlds through the eyes of a new practitioner.

So thank you to the 39 and more for keeping this “dad” inspired – and I wonder who will get in touch next to enquire about taking the November Diploma in Creative Producing.  If you want to know more there’s an open workshop on producing as a proper job next Fri 25th July 10-12 and then we will set more dates in July before the scheduled one with Fringe Central zoom/EdFringe Wed 11th August 1.30pm.  [By the way, any network which needs a worksop for their members/alums, do let me know – we’re booked for Gals who Graduate on Wed 23rd which will be fascinating]

PS – also immensely proud of Michael and Anna – my actual son and daughter. Indeed Anna will be leading a fundraising masterclass with the Diploma tomorrow.

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