Pick Me…pick me…or maybe pick yourself

I’m returning to a theme I explored in my blog of 19th January “can’t get a job…make some work” inspired by some of the coaching sessions I’ve had in the last couple of days, and in preparation for the CGO Breakfast Coaching session which is offered to everyone on Fri March 13th at Clapham Omnibus. Pick yourself…whoever comes will be the right people…

Yesterday I listened to Sarah Louise Young on Marcus Reeves TV in which she explored the differences between a cabaret artist and an actor. She is both but she carefully explored the difference between sitting at home waiting for your agent to call you into audition (“pick me”) and the cabaret artist who makes work, takes it out there, gets cheers or not, and has to be proactive (“pick themselves”). She was adding how wonderful it is at the moment that so many cabaret artists are now extending their world to encompass making full shows.

Any creative artist, theatremaker, director, wellness practitioner or small business entrepreneur who comes to me for coaching is already taking a step. They are already moving beyond the passive “pick me”. They have identified a dissatisfaction with “here” and want to get “there” – even if they don’t know how to get from here to there.

Last night I listened to inspirational writer and speaker Seth Godin doing a podcast interview on the Sounds True channel www.soundstrue.com and he re-inforced Sarah Louise’s thoughts – “if you want to sing, sing; if you want to dance, dance” (and then the controversial bit) you are not an artist unless you “ship art” – you interact with the public and they are changed by it. He is powerful about the need to communicate our artistry.

“People who are thriving are the ones who picked themselves” Seth Godin.

And this morning it was reinforced again – the East Anglian inspirational speaker and coach Jill McCulloch http://www.coachyou.co.uk/ was talking at 4N to a slightly converted audience…because we’d all already picked ourselves to get up for an 8am breakfast to help make our business grow. She talked of the role of a coach as someone who “helps you to discover what your values are…the thing that brings you fulfillment…and that clarity gives you a unique and individual blueprint for personal success.”   Everything in her presentation talked of becoming aware of the physical, mental and spiritual potential and strength we have to move from “pick me” to “pick themselves”

Prepare to be surprised if you take a deep breath, think about your story, get the help you need to notice yourself and overcome fears so that you can “ship art”.

Shout if you would like to experience Coaching for a taster session over breakfast in London, to have a pay-what-you-can CGO Surgery or you’d like to see how my CGO Coaching 6 series works.

Comments to my blogs are most welcome. Re-tweeting, sharing, re-producing them is also wonderful.  Thank you to my glorious array of coaching clients from Los Angeles to Edinburgh, from firewalk guides to will writers,  from sole traders to massed forces team leaders. You inspire me with your intention to “ship art”.



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