Croissants, Cocktails, and the Universe at work…

This week I will be quick because its Tues already I want to offer you croissants and coaching, cocktails and coaching, and a quick dose of “thank you Universe”. I was at a course on Saturday to help me help others with their financial planning. I learned loads about myself (feel free to ask) and also some useful tools which I can help my clients with.

Seneca said “Every wind is an ill wind if you do not know the harbor to which you travel” – which is a great metaphore for coaching. Even worse if you don’t know whether you can afford the boat…or whether the taxman may take your masts.   Coaching can help…and Sarah Urquahart’s coaching CPD day of guiding most definitely helped me – thank you.

Over the next two months I am test-driving some group coaching and social events. Fri 13th March Clapham Omnibus 8am with croissants, Wed 15th April Great Finborough 7pm with cocktails and Fri 24th April Wiltons Music Hall 8am with croissants. I have no idea which of you will choose to join us for these 2-3hr workshops at £15…but you will be most welcome.

In Open Space terms “whoever comes are the right people” …. Be delighted if you can help me reach the Right People. Thank you.

Another wonderful metaphore offered me this morning by a local electrician expressing his work/life balance, and why it is important. He suggested I picture a person juggling their lives – work, family, health, children, relations etc. His wisdom was to realise that most people think that the one thing which mustn’t drop for fear of breaking is their work. In fact the one thing which will bounce is work, but family, children, health and relations are all glass baubles and can shatter too easily if dropped. I will use that in exploring work/life balance with clients.

And quickly back to the course by Sarah Urqhuart I was at on Saturday – just to illustrate how the Universe can sometimes bring two people together [call it coincidence if you like]. I went to the course and sat at the end of a row quietly, as is my won’t. The course started and about 45 mins in Sarah was moving some chairs around between exercises, and I found a new empty chair beside me. Shortly after an unknown coach settled down beside me.   Within 30 minutes at another exercise we were coaching each other, and exploring our journeys into our exciting futures.   It took a moment to realise that her plan could most definitely involve my business, and her interests were excited by my knowledge of a place she wanted to explore. By the end of the day we had hatched a joint business venture and my website will, in time, have a rather exciting addition.

I believe that if you put out the right requests and hopes into the Universe, that by some means beyond my understanding, it is very likely that we will hear something, or meet someone, who can help. Listening. Hearing. Being open to the unexpected. “whatever happens is the only things that could have” to remind myself of another Open Space mantra.

I hope many of you will consider joining us for one of the three events in London or Great Finborough in March/April. You can explore your aspirations, challenges, and options – and maybe the Universe will help.

Dates, details and booking links on my website



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