Open your eyes and your heart – listen to the Universe.

The mind is a strange and wonderful thing and they say we regularly use about 10% of 1% of it for personal growth and development. Pam Lidford’s amazing coaching CD for coaches which I am working through today offers the idea of the mind being like a castle with 1,000 rooms which, as a child, we explore with light, joy, excitement. Where, to start with at least, all the doors are open. Over the years we shut down rooms in our mind because we are told they are unexpected, or someone advises us they are not suitable, safe, interesting, pretty…whatever. Slowly we become safe in a smaller suite of rooms and forget the vast array of unexplored delights.   A beautiful image.

Part of my work as a Coach and as a mentor at my CGO Surgery programme is to ask questions which remind people that there are unexplored rooms in their castle. Or maybe as adults they are empowered, allowed, even encouraged to go and explore another castle, another space, or the great universe out there. We, you, they, I don’t have to stay in the 2-up-2-down rooms we may be inhabiting at the moment.

Dare to dream. And then go “why not”. Remember you can only make decisions on stuff that you have control over. You can’t magic a lead role at the National Theatre or winning the 6 Nations Rugby. But you could take acting classes or go cheer your team on.

And then the next step is to believe in the Universe. Strange and wonderful things happen when we open our perceptions to receiving what is happening out there. Just look around you as you are reading this. You maybe in bed, on a tube, at work, or anywhere. Your eyes are able to see a myriad of different things – in fact everything in your vision. You ears can hear amazing stuff. Your senses tune in and tune out to stuff. Take a moment to see/hear something different. Now remember that your head is receiving all this stumulation and signal material all the time. It then filters what it needs. But maybe, just maybe, you could filter a little less, and welcome a little more.   Then see what the Universe delivers.

This morning I was doing one of Pam’s exercises writing down a Goal which I was struggling with, and some beliefs which were holding me back, together with some “I can’t” statements to make it even more negative. Next step of the exercise is to look at what I could do, what I might think about these negative beliefs, and write that down too. I prevaricated. I turned to Facebook to avoid tackling the problem.

You guessed it. The first posting was an article from an Authentic Artist about dancing, and freeing yourself to dance and give generously and not be selfish and small with your body. What was my personal I’ can’t statement “I can’t dance”. In the words of my guide, mentor, lover and wife “Busted”.

So its back to the exercise for me, and renewing my belief in the power of the Universe to deliver what we need.

Have a great week

Do let me know any “busted” moments, or times when the Universe delivers, or extra stimulation you get by opening your senses even further.

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