2 responses to “Who’s In It ? – a challenge, and maybe a solution.”

  1. Here here Chris. Amazing idea and I hope you find it has legs.

    I for one would be delighted to perform or indeed coach on a TV show like this. There is so much more integrity in it, and I think the public is looking for that just as much as performers are.

    Nice one,
    Sue xx

  2. Totally agree Chris I remember Gary Wilmot did a great songs from the shows tv show in the 90s and would love to see a return of this type of variety show to mainstream prime time tv.

    Let’s promote and support the unknown talented performers who work so hard to entertain us each and every day in Musicals in the West End and across the country in provincial theatres they deserve to be known and recognised for their talent and become known by the general public.

    Hope this takes off and well done on a cracking idea.

    All the best

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