Serendipity & meetings

A rather crazy month. The MA in Creative Producing at Mountview is accredited and I’m now reaching out to raise awareness.  My book is sitting in front of me in proof stage demanding correction (publish date Aug 11th).  The CGO Surgery programme assessment form is nearly complete for the Arts Council. I’ve been to Tokyo and back exploring bringing a major drama company to London next year. Kath and I have been invited to run a programme of personal impact training programmes at the Key Theatre in Peterborough. Just finished an Open Space with 220 medics and patient groups in a half-day conference. I’m knee deep in my training as a Personal Development coach, and I’ve rejoined the amazing networking organisation 4N Networking.  Typing this makes me tired.  My challenge is to make all this look like a sensible portfolio career…a portfolio which is neatly wrapped in a lovely cover which has a sense of connection.

I woke up mid jetlag with CGO – Making Connections… Your Life, Your Business, Your best possible Performance as a possible overarching thing.  I’ll let that play around my head.  CGO and 10 words feels good.  But does it mean anything…not sure yet.

Anyway – why Serendipity and meetings.  Very simple.  I believe that whatever you ask for in the Universe is possible and may happen. Whoever you need to meet is probably sitting near you. Whenever you don’t think you’re going to meet anyone connected with your world…you probably will. Provided you let this extraordinary Universe do its stuff.

Henry Ford said “If you think you can or you think you can’t you are probably right”  I think I can meet amazing people.

So here are three quick examples:

Coach from Narita airport in Japan to the hotel.  Sitting minding my own business trying to work out the best way to talk with my interpreter through the wonderful use of google translate. Across the aisle someone is clearly understanding my English.  In the end we say hello. She’s from Denmark, coming to visit a choreographer friend,  passionate about theatre,  a free spirit, and instantly I know Kath and I are going to have interesting creative reasons to connect with her when we are both back in Europe. No idea how yet.

Back from Tokyo, jetlagged madly, finding lunch at the coaching course near Crewe I have flown straight in to.  I join one person alone on a four seat table.  A random two others show up. By the end of the meal we have found amazing connections.  A shared passion for ley-lines and crop circles. A shared experience of Bury St Edmunds.  Shared knowledge of the market place in Buxton.  And a shared wish to explore more Holistic coaching.  Out of 100 people in the room, 4 random strangers meet together and touch on holistic spiritual practice and two towns in the UK where I have lived and worked in their theatres.  Serendipity.

And finally today, I go to my first Ely meeting of the 4N Networking group because we are doing work in Peterborough with Art of Being Heard, and because I want to explore my Coaching potential.  First person I meet is a business leader passionate about amateur theatre who is currently experiencing coaching, and thinks every business leader should have one. Then I sit down for breakfast and the person opposite tells me she is just starting a business networking group in…you guessed it, Peterborough.

My advice to you, dear reader, is open your mind, open your heart, be in the moment and gaw’blimey amazing connections can happen.  But then follow-up, say thank you, build friendships, and don’t sell too hard.

Now I need a gentle pint and a long sleep