Strange Impotence between launch & reviews

In my front room there are 252 copies of my new (well only) book “Your Life in Theatre” , lovely flatpacked cardboard boxes for them, some bubble wrap, and some poster/flyer/launch proofs.  Online, if you are clever, you can find the book on Amazon and by another clever route you can even buy it on Kindle.  Not everything joined up yet and a parcel of books for Amazon is in the postal service. Now I have to wait a short while for the fuse to fizzle and burn.  A strange time.

I’d welcome suggestions of other stuff I should do. Today I approached a number of independent bookshops around the UK with an arts specialism. The National Theatre is considering it. Around a dozen reviewers and influential people have draft copies to review.  A mini launch in Edinburgh on 11th August is booked and a bigger gathering in London on August 28th.  But for now, I think, I have to be calm, get on with something else, and see what people think.

The moment I get my first squeak of approval from those reading it I will get a feel for what to do next.  Quietly hide and let unsuspecting people buy it because of the nice cover. Or gather some lovely comments and get out there and get the maximum amount of coverage possible.

Scarily I already have the plan in place for the next book which will extend the self-help a little further into theatre.  I also have offers from two wonderful illustrators to work with me on a slightly extended edition of the current book.  As always plenty of ideas !! But first I need to make a dent in the first print-run and feel confident to order another run.

I feel for regular authors, directors, actors and all creatives soldiers seeking the bubble reputation as they wait the reviews and reflections of their peers and critics full of wise saws (see page 101 of Your Life in Theatre for more on that).

Here’s hoping they like it…