Edinburgh: Same old Moan, Same old Anticipation


Arrived at 3pm – My first day at the largest festival on Earth and it feels like I’ve never been away. I’m here to launch my book “Your Life in Theatre” www.chrisgrady.org/new-self-help-book-from-cgo/, run a sell-out day of surgeries, do a panel discussion and see some shows.  But first a trip to Brookes Club to pay my respects to Christopher Richardson, founder of the Pleasance and his gentlemen’s club.  A warm welcome. Thank you.

Two show afternoon today, and then a 7 show day tomorrow. I will sadly miss Geoff Page’s Epic Musical Epic “The Odyssey” playing at C Venues 2.35pm for two more performances. He’s had 5 star reviews and helped to launch an exciting career for young 19 year old director Pete Sayer.  I’ve seen some clips of the show and it looks beautiful and the reviews are to die for. Geoff is a lovely man and a lovely writer of work – I look forward to seeing more new work as he creates it both for young people and professionals.  Good to catch up with him and hear how great the experience has been for his young company. www.audaciousproductions.co.uk

Off around the corner to CNova next and Rachel Lincoln’s “Lie back and think of England” www/liebackthinkengland.com directed by Anna Beecher which is surreal and at times big laugh out loud one woman show on the joys of sex education and sex in general. This is her first solo show and I hope these two will keep creating and growing in their artistry.  The show runs 4.45pm daily – you’ll never hold a felt tip pen the same way again.

And now my “same old moan” – no programmes. I am guessing Anna directed the show, and if I’ve missed someone then sorry.  Why why spend thousands of pounds and not have a programme so we can accurately cheer the right people. Even worse…the next show…

Off to Underbelly to see “Awkward Conversations With Animals I’ve F*cked” written by someone and performed as a solo show by someone who may have directed it himself or not.  I don’t want to google it because I don’t want to be led to other reviews which may influence me.  When I have written this I will google – but too late.  I’m sure they have a website.  Moan over.   This was exactly what it says on the packet. A high octane, detailed, and warm solo performance of disturbing material – not just because the non-responding morning after partners were animals, but because this was the tale of a lonely man trying to make the most of relationships. It was filled with lines you hope you’ll never say or never hear as part of a search for love and his search to not be unhappy.  Moving, sad, appalling and appealing.  Packed appreciative house.  Now I will try and find out more about it.

I caught up with Monkey Poet between shows and have managed to slot in to see “300 to one” by Matt Panesh directed by Gareth Armstrong next week in my only remaining afternoon slot. One of the Free Fringe shows at The Banshee Lounge.  Matt/Monkey Poet is an amazing performer and I am sure I will not be disappointed. www.monkeypoet.co.uk

Now time for an early night before Shakespeare for Breakfast at 10am and 6 more shows during the day.   Another day, another set of eager anticipations, and maybe some programmes.