At a crossroads …. two coaches coming along


I’ve been reading a lot recently about the challenges young people face with the crazy education system we have developed in this, and most other Western countries. I am inspired by the writing of Sir Ken Robinson (Essence) and Susan Cain (Quiet) – I wish governments were similarly inspired. We are creating generation after generation of young people who have lost their creative spark. So it seems a good time to try and help a few people re-ignite their creativity.

In a few days time, subject to the publisher, my new e-book “The Anatomy of your Creativity” will come out. It is geared to the business rather than the arts community. It draws on the work of a business creative expert, David Cox, a creative personal impact specialist, Dr Kath Burlinson, and all the stuff I have gleaned over the years.

To co-incide with this, and as part of my personal goal to do more group/workshop work alongside my one-on-one coaching, I have teamed up with actress and motivational coach, Nicky Raby, to offer the first of what we hope will become a regular, ½ day workshop.   If you are at a cross roads in your life, isn’t it great when two coaches arrive at the same time to help in your travels. We will hopefully be able to help you read the map, choose some paths, and find the safest way to your destination.

Nicky and I are taking over a beautiful space in North London which feels calming, welcoming, and inspirational. Each person joining us will be able to experience a one-hour completely private and personal coaching session, and then we will do some group conversation around the experience. We will share some tools which we both use when we are being coached, and when we coach others. And I can’t wait to learn loads from Nicky who is very different from me – different energy, different skill set, and massively different age !!

I am very mindful, thanks to reading Susan Cain, that this ½ day should work for those who are “introvert” and prefer to work quietly on an issue by themselves, and those who are “extrovert” and welcome group work. I have learned so much about my own personality and life experience from understanding some of the differences between the two. I look forward to working with Nicky to balance the day.

To book a place just go to Eventbrite and join us Tue 5th July. Please share this as widely as you can. Thank you.

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