Global conversations in Music and Words

No community or tribe on the planet has yet been found which does not have music. Although the songs may be different, music touches a place deep in our hearts and is a fundamental part of what it is to be human.  We all share the same air to breathe, but we speak with different voices. At a time when the world may appear to be focussed on difference and division, StoryMusic2020 seeks to use music and language to facilitate conversations which resonate and harmonise.

We intend to pair one composer from each and every country in the world with one writer from another and invite them to create a 10 minute piece of StoryMusic, inspired by the one thing they both have in common with every other citizen on the planet: the sun?   What does it mean to meet another human being in a shared creative conversation ?  How do we meet ?  What do we share ?  Who will be listening ?

A group of creative project planners is coming together for very early stage discussions to commission one piece of StoryMusic from each country on the planet; to create a platform where the pieces may be viewed and shared; to support it with educational material about each country, culture, artist and their conversations; and to manage a global event inviting each piece to be performed at sunrise in the country of its origin, over one 24 hour period in 2020.

This is a celebration of the power of music, words and human creativity, leaving a lasting body of no less than 400 pieces of work exploring global culture and artistry. We intend to work with lost languages, sign language, indigenous peoples, and divided nations. We invite you to think about this project, consider how you might partner with us, and join us in the early incubation and eventual rollout globally.

This initial idea is intended to do more than connect 800 writers. We seek to work together with partners to create a platform for many more conversations; connecting young people through their music across continents; to encourage communities to present the works and develop further conversations; to work with local documentary makers and video diaries; and champion opportunities to enable any creative artist working in words or music to connect, converse, and create with another artist in another part of the globe – seeking at all times to honour different voices, connect hearts, and experience what it is to be a global community touched by the sun.

We will seek funding to make the global project possible. We are seeking r&d funding for two planned catalyst projects in 2014 – one involving 100 London writers each with different cultural heritage reflecting through StoryMusic on their roots and 21st century creativity and conversations; and the second to bring 24 young writers from 6 European and 6 Olympic nations together to work together.

We wish StoryMusic2020 to have a long legacy artistically and through global connections. We will invite each writer to choose a local initiative to benefit from a share of the income which flows through donation, commissions, publication, promotion, presentation. We believe there can be a continuing local benefit in each country.

We need champions, experts, connectors, and creators. If this idea inspires you, please be in touch.

Chris Grady

StoryMusic2020  Founder

chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org