Stagescripts 10@10 – Announcement

ANNOUNCEMENT 14th September 2018 For Stagescripts Ltd 10@10 Quest

10th birthday quest for 10 unsung plays by living UK-based writers

CGO has been engaged by Stagescripts Ltd – the independent publisher and licensing agent for plays and musicals – to uncover 10 plays which need to be championed for a further life.

For this 10@10 Quest, plays submitted must have had at least one professional production and deserve publication and promotion. We share Paul Miller’s recent reflection that “we treat plays and playwrights a bit like single-use plastic…we should be better at recycling and reusing” [Orange Tree Richmond interview Evening Standard May 2018].

David Waters, founder and managing director of Stagescripts, in launching this 10@10 Quest said:

We honour the new work festivals, the awards for commissions and first-time productions, and everything done to allow new playwrights to have their work brought to life for the first time, but we want to make sure these works are not consigned to the bottom drawer or treated “like single-use plastics.” I am seeking to find 10 plays which tackle universal themes, demonstrate the potential for multiple productions and licenses in the future and are by writers who seek to develop and deliver stage plays for popular and larger audiences now and into the future.

CGO will seek the support of theatres and producers across the country to recommend plays for us to consider.

Chris Grady of CGO added that

We have a team of freelance producers and directors who have volunteered to act as independent readers for the search. We expect to favour plays which are 50-90 minutes. Most importantly, we are keen that the 10 plays will reflect the UK population as a whole culturally, geographically, and in terms of gender and diversity of characters/roles, themes and authorship”.

Writers may self-nominate, and we will welcome nominations from theatres, agents, producers who believe that their writer/play needs to be seen by a wider audience, in order to gain licensed productions and a new audience in the UK and internationally.

The portal for uploading scripts and applications will open on Sept 25th. Writers and interested parties can find further information at . Closing date Fri 30th November 2018. Subject to the quantity of works submitted, we aim for the 10 scripts and their writers to be announced on Tue 14th May 2019.

This project is funded by a single donor to Stagescripts in celebration of the company’s 10th birthday. In the coming months we will seek additional support to fund 10 professional readings at 10 theatres across the UK to launch the new publication of 10 plays.


Thank you for your help reporting Stagescripts 10@10 Quest

For more information contact:

Chris Grady / CGO chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org



The additional page below shows the small print for editor/press awareness.


a) Pre-selection requirement:

  1. The author is living, still writing, and eligible to work in the UK
  2. The play must have been professionally produced previously (see below)
  3. The play is not currently the subject of a publication or licensing contract
  4. The play is not under option to any theatre/director/producer
  5. Available to be assessed in the English language
  6. Maximum of 3 play submissions from any one author – and only one play by an author will be chosen to be in the final 10.

b) The online submission will include:

  • The script – in a pdf or word format including notes on casting, running time or production essentials to help the initial readers
  • A short (300 word max) biography of the writer
  • A short (300 word) history of the play from gestation to last production
  • Up to two additional documents of affidavits, reviews, or previous reader comments – in pdf or word

c) Stagescripts offer to the selected 10 plays:-

  • The script made available for sales and licensing in SSL’s catalogue(s)
  • Published as a compendium printed book with the other 9 works
  • Published singly in pdf and printed versions (acting editions)
  • Author gets 70% of non pro Secondary licence fees and 20% of script sales.
  • And 80% of professional Secondary, 90% of professional First Class fees
  • Minimum 3 year contract term

Our independent readers will be asked to comment on three criteria as well as the craft:

  • How well does it “reflect the UK population as a whole culturally, geographically, and in terms of gender and diversity of characters/roles, themes and authorship “
  • In what ways do you think this work feels “relevant today and capable of production tomorrow”.
  • In what territories/markets has the work played or might play in the future (exploring universal themes).

What defines a previous “professional production” ?

The purpose of this search is to find works which might currently fit in the “single-use plastic” bracket We are looking for a work which has had one or more professional productions. We narrow this to a professionally produced show (quality , run duration and profile), with professional paid actors and creatives, for a production in front of a paying audience. The theatre will have been a recognised professional theatre or theatre producing company (rather than the author’s own hired space). Ultimately CGO and the Readers will be the assessors of this criteria.

What defines ‘publication’? – new FAQ 18th Sept

A play which has been professionally produced may have, as part of the producer or theatre’s deal, an arrangement whereby a printed script/programme or a limited edition of the script for foyer and specialist sale was produced. Under these circumstances, a play will still be eligible for the Quest, if at this time, the rights are not assigned to any publisher/rights holder – even if there are a few copies of the printed script in circulation. If however the original printer holds the rights to the play, then it will fall outside the eligibility of this Quest.

For more information or clarification on the above additional information please contact Chris   chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org