Opportunities – skills needed

The following opportunities have been passed to me in order to reach out to the CGO Surgery, Producers’ Pool, UK Producers and Mountview MA Creative Producer networks.  Please contact the person/company direct.  I am not involved except as a friend or coach/mentor of the individual.   Please let me know if you are applying.  Thanks   Chris

A Playful Job – not only for producers !!

I am looking for someone to play with and watch over my son, Riddley, while I am nearby doing my own versions of play, either writing or rehearsing, mainly in London. Riddley will be 4 in January. He is intense, lively and loves words and trains. The hours will be flexible and variable week to week – anything from no days to one, two or three days but I am happy to guarantee a fixed regular sum per month to be negotiated.

I am hoping for this friend of Riddley’s and mine to be a storyteller. They may identify as a storyteller or it may simply be that telling stories lies at the heart of what they do. As well as telling stories they want to listen to them, also to listen for the thing that someone, especially a child, is trying to say under the thing that they are saying, or screaming, or crying, or not saying at all.

They will also know this: that children are people with equal rights to adults but usually with less than equal access to certain resources, such as knowledge, experience, money, but with direct access to other kinds of important resources such as wonder, presence, passion.

One other thing: I have an idea this storytelling friend may be quite old or quite young, an older person with a young spirit or a younger person with an old spirit. All ages, however, are welcome.

If you think you might be this person and would like a playful job of flexible hours but with a steady income then please get in touch with me, Matilda at mleyser [at] mac [dot] com

NEW Producer / South West for Heroine Project

WOULD LIKE TO MEET An emerging creative theatre producer and entrepreneur for start-up.  I am looking for an entrepreneurial individual from the Bath/Bristol area who loves making high-quality creative projects happen, and who is prepared to think creatively about how to do so. I would like to meet someone who is committed to making theatre that makes a lasting positive impact on the community that it is for, and who wants to work with me over the next few years to set up a new company that will be financially self-sustaining. The ideal person would be mid-20s-mid-30s, have a background in arts administration, and would be able to devote 1 day per week to the project. I’m looking for someone supremely organized, someone who has good connections in the southwest theatre scene; who has an excellent head for numbers, who is brilliant at marketing and who wants to work collaboratively to build a sustainable business.

THE PROJECT SO FAR heroineprojectpresents.com

WHAT I CAN OFFER A brilliant idea for a company, an existing body of work, a strong artistic track record, great theatre and business contacts, excellent research skills, strong administrative skills, commitment and integrity. I have a clear sense of the kind of work that I want to make, and I want to meet someone who shares this vision, to make it a reality.

WHAT I CANNOT OFFER – YET A fee. Creating a viable business model is the first priority, so that we can develop the artistic work in a way that is financially sustainable.

If you think this might be you, please get in touch: lizziecrarer [at] hotmail [dot] com

Producer – Brighton / Motherhood solo show – All sorted now, but check her show. www.joannarosenfeld.co.uk

Producer  Bristol / Migrant research show – Offers and discussions happening. For more info rewlowe [at] googlemail [dot] com .