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What do writers do after they have finished a script and send it off? They wait. They wait for a response from a theatre, a literary manager, an agent, or that competition they entered into, or that friend of a friend who knows someone who might read it…

We wait and wait and wait.

But what if you wrote something in a couple of hours that was performed almost immediately, by two actors. David Hare has said that for a writer no time is ever wasted in the rehearsal room. Imagine what you could learn from the experience of responding to a precise writers brief, and creating a piece of Smash ‘n’ Grab drama right in front of your eyes? That’s exactly what I propose.

A days workshop – from 10am to 6pm, under my guidance, during which you will write a short,self contained piece of drama that will form part of a longer narrative. That will then be given a page in hand performance by two actors – and an immediate reaction from fellow writers, performers and myself. You will walk away with a crib sheet of your strengths as a writer, and what you could focus on to improve.

DATE: SATURDAY 18th June 2015

VENUE: 22 Clapton Square, London E5 8HP (Hackney Central, 38, 243 Bus)


CONTACT – Nicholas McInerny – nicholas [dot] mcinerny [at] gmail [dot] com

Nicholas McInerny is an award winning writer with over 80 broadcast credits, including 30 episodes of THE BILL. He has also worked on both HOLBY and CASUALTY. |He has written over 30 Radio plays, 15 produced stage plays, and 2 commissioned screenplays. He has taught Creative Writing throughout the country, as well as writing Online courses for Oxford University and moderating for the Screenwriting MA at the University of East Anglia. The third series of HOW TO HAVE A PERFECT MARRIAGE, starring Julia Ford, Greg Wise and Jon Sessions will be broadcast on BBC R4 27th July to 2nd July – 1045/1945.



Chris Grady writes: I’m delighted to be carrying information about this workshop on the CGO site.  We were at school together, reconnected a few years ago, and have then shared ideas of creativity, block, and teaching/mentoring.   This is not a CGO event.