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Personal Coaching

The CGO coaching programme focuses on helping you identify your goals in both your professional and personal life and develop an action plan to achieve them. Money issues, career direction, or a lack of creativity – no matter what you want to achieve, Chris will guide you through simple steps to help you move towards your life goals.

How does coaching work?

Over a three-month period, we will work to discover, expand and pursue your personal journey, helping you move towards achieving your ambitions. For each fortnightly coaching session, you choose the topic you wish to discuss – Chris’s job is to listen, ask questions, to help raise awareness of options that you may not have considered. Together we plan achievable steps to move you towards your goal.

Who can benefit from coaching?

Chris has worked with clients from a wide range of backgrounds, careers, ambitions, and geography. This has included returning corporate executives in Scotland, an osteopath in London, a songwriter/record producing artist in San Francisco, a business copywriter in Australia, a spiritual counsellor in Cornwall, and a solo legal practitioner in East Anglia.

Coaching is beneficial to anyone – if you have personal or professional goals that you want to pursue then coaching can help you take the step towards achieving them.

My six-session coaching programme is available either in person or via Zoom – all you need is an open mind and a commitment to change.

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