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InOz 13 - sunrise over Byronternational Connections

Through our experience working with a wide range of businesses and professionals across the globe, we have developed useful professional networks. Chris’s own background in the arts field has allowed us to make creative and empowering connections for businesses and arts groups across the globe.

These international connections have resulted in CGO being asked to work on some fascinating projects and artistic business developments for individuals and groups all over the world. We are, or have been recently, involved in projects such as:

Dao Strategy – working with Dao Strategy in Bejiing, China and Dama Asia in Malaysia we are preparing a range of project proposals for new creative collaborations, after hosting 22 Chinese theatre owners and producers in London during Nov 2017, followed by further producer/theatre owners to New York Apr 2018 and Edinburgh Aug 2018. In Nov 2018 CGO presented at the International Forum on Musical Theatre in Beijing and taught masterclasses in Beijing and Guangzhou.  2019/20 projects are in plans

Curious Flamingo – working with producer Soha Khan on training for young theatremakers and performers in Saudi Arabia

Studio Life – leaders of an all male theatre company in Tokyo , Japan want to bring a special anniversary show to the West End in London. Development is ongoing.

Kolomna Pastila – We helped bring together a Russian pastila maker, a British historian and a UK apple orchard to create a new take on a classic sweet. The product is now available in select retail outlets and at special events.

Stage Entertainment Holland – We helped the organisation to focus on a single strand of their business to increase export and licensing of projects internationally.

Perfect Pitch – Chris represented the interests of the Managing Director of this small publishing and R&D company at a series of meetings in South East Asia, exploring possible licenses and long-term partnerships.

Dama Orchestra / Kuala Lumpur –  We connect the artistic directors of the Theatre Lounge Cafe in KL with cabaret artists and musical theatre teachers in the uk for visiting seasons. Project ongoing.

Korea/UK Theatre collaborations – We are beginning work with a leading Seoul based producer to make international mid/small scale productions together.  Project ongoing.

UK Festivals – I have created festivals and conferences in London and Edinburgh celebrating creativity from the UK and overseas, attracting collaborative projects from Korea, the USA, Denmark and Japan. We are exploring a tri-national showcase festival project for 2020.

Circus/Music artform – We are collaborating with a creative team on the international exploitation of a major large scale piece of work for festivals and trans-national seasons. Ongoing.

Contact us to find out how we can help connect you with international programs and businesses and watch your potential grow.

My thanks to Gemma Wilcox, solo performer Boulder Colorado for this photograph of dawn Dec 22nd 2012 on the beach at Byron Bar – the start of the new Mayan calendar