CGO Institute – DipMTW Cost

For the 1st course (May 2021) The cost will be £4600. This is a cloud-based 20 week diploma-level course allowing you to stay in your home base, build your own business and connections, and learn with a cohort of global creative practitioners with whom you will build a community in the future. It is not affiliated with a University which keeps the costs substantially lower and allows maximum flexibility to deliver the course material which is needed for each cohort.

Payment Plan:

To secure your place, when offered: £800 non-refundable deposit (The deposit would be refundable if the course does not go ahead for any reason.)

One month before the start of the course: £2000

Two weeks before the start of the second 6 week ‘term’: £1800

If you transfer the funds and there are charges, you will need to cover these to ensure CGO receives each amount in £ net of any charges/deductions.

Please enquire about rates for Nov 2021 and beyond. These will rise after this initial rate, in order to be able to keep cohort sizes small and deliver the full programme, support the work of the core faculty, the guests and tutors and liaison with mentors. It is likely the 2022 figures will have an additional VAT levy. Discuss this with us.

CGO Institute is developing a Bursary and Hardship fund in conjunction with the charity The Production Exchange. We are also working with other funders to assess the potential for fees to be covered by grants. Please apply if you feel this course would benefit you, even if you can’t afford it, we will work with successful applicants to help you access funding. 

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