CGO Institute – DipMTW Content Enrichment

Alongside the six modules, there will be a parallel programme of 1-2-1 tutorials, support in securing a mentor and networking through events “on the ground” and “in the cloud”. All these are designed to help you find the peer group and connections that can enable you to build you career in the artform, community, and business level that is most appropriate for you.

  • Tutorials will be scheduled outside the 2 days teaching, alternating individual 1-2-1 and small group sessions. They will focus on individual challenges and aspirations around two questions “what do you need?”, right now and “what can you offer?”, to the group the industry and the world as a whole.
  • Mentors are supportive individuals a few years further along the creative journey, or may be in positions within organisations that you aspire to work with/in.  Ideally they will be people you can meet on the ground, in your homeland.  Sessions may be in the cloud, but the aim is that mentors become useful guides for you in the country and artform of your choice.   The team at CGO will work with you to identify the right people and help to make the introductions.  Experience suggests some will offer 2-3 sessions during the course, and others may turn into long-term mentors and even associates.
  • Networks are formal and informal peer groups and specialist gatherings into which you can be drawn and where you can learn. Once again it is hoped you will find networks (or invent them) in your community and for your artform area so that these are on the ground meetings rather than in the cloud facebook groups.  Our team will work with you to identify the right groups and help you make connections.
  • and of course you will become part of an Alumni Network – the CGO Diplomats who have gone through CGO Institute programmes, made close alliances with their peers, and can now connect with past and future cohorts to change the world.

The content enrichment is fundementally self-generated, outwith the 2 days of classes . We can help but you will take the lead on getting the most from these opportunities.  Any writer joining should start thinking about this the moment they have signed up. It is time for research into your community, organisations you respect, and individuals you would like to meet and learn from.  Many students wait until half way through their course to wake up to the opportunities a Diploma like this offers – don’t be one of them.

A Masterclass programme will include guests chosen for their practical insights and real-life experience. They will be people from around the world who believe they can share wisdom that will resonate with new producers (including failure and challenge). The Seminar programme will be grown from the guest sessions to draw out specific themes most relevant to the ambitions of the individuals in the cohort at the time.

  • Some masterclasses may be made available to a wider audience, such as a networks of peers that students identify in their homes. Technology will enable us to meet someone who is underway with a fascinating area of work somewhere in the world, matching the need for understanding from our students – and a wider audience can benefit.

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