CGO Institite – Equity/DEI

The following document is the work in progress (as it always will be) of a gathered group of policies. They are designed to be

a) The principals by which CGO Institute works

b) Welcomed and embraced by Faculty and those studying

c) Used by those studying as a discussion tool, and potentially template for their own DEI/Equity policies and practice.

Faculty and those studying , please download. Thank you

Extract: We welcome challenges, conversations and dialogues with whoever is reading this document. This will always be work in progress, and must remain a living document and a set of policies which are practiced throughout our work. If you think something is wrong, missing, or needs improving please contact Chris Grady. You will be met with gratitude and action. We expect all students, faculty, and those with whom CGO Institute work to uphold the values in this policy. We ask all students to call-out any incidents to help us learn, and to ensure we both say we will, and actually do, uphold the values of this policy. Thank you.