Two themes – proud audience member and inspired workshop leader.

Oppenheimer-production-6-2015-361x541Last week I saw my son, Michael Grady-Hall, play Oppenheimer in the West End. A planned performance in the Vaudeville RSC schedule when the amazing John Heffernan was off and his understudy, Michael, played. It was an electric performance.   Yesterday I was in Stratford to see the understudy run of the RSC’s Death of A Salesman which Michael’s mum, Helen Grady, played The Woman. Great to see the fine job that director Josh Roche had done shaping this performance from Gregory Doran’s original production. Everyone in the company was involved – Anthony Sher with some special voiceovers and Harriet Walter on the flute part for the afternoon. Greg gave a lovely thank you to the company after, and then we all got delicious cake. What could be better. I like cheering the family on.

The day before I was invited to be part of the Rose Bruford Symposium – a week long event for all the student body and alums where they can attend masterclasses and workshops, lectures and performances which broaden their understanding of the world of creativity out there. I was giving a workshop on “Your Life in Theatre – what’s the problem”. This is a 2-3hr opportunity to create an agenda of challenges facing those present – marketing, networking, reaching out to agents, thinking about starting a company, being self-motivated, and raising money to make work happen. There are common themes for all artists and I was delighted to have a group including costume designers, lighting designers, actors, European theatre specialists, and 1st, 2nd and 3rds years all together. I was inspired…and we just got through the agenda.

One of the students asked whether I did this at public events. I’d never thought about it because usually I am invited by organisations like National Student Drama Festival, or do it at Edinburgh Festival Fringe.   So I thought about it, dropped a note to the Actors Centre, and I’m delighted that I will be doing a 3rd workshop mid-July. [let me know if you want to get the actual date/time in your diary now before the programme comes out]. I am inspired now to get in touch with some other organisations, theatres and networks to see whether they’d like the same event. I’m doing one in Kuala Lumpur on Sun 17th May if you happen to be in Malaysia !!

Thank you to the students for inspiring me – and giving me the chance to share my passion for the arts, creativity, and the can-do attitude which gets you from training to your creative goal.

This week I’m in London getting some of those letters out, promoting the CGO Coaching Breakfast at Wilton’s on Friday (24th) and preparing for a packed day of CGO Surgeries on Thursday.   Do let me know if I can help you in your journey as a coach, workshop leader, mentor or shindig organizer.



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