Forecast Academy – check it out…

“I can’t keep it in…I can’t lock it away…I’ve got to let it out” is the Cat Stevens lyric I heard sung by an artist as part of her rant this morning, using performance, movement and music to let out the frustration of the real world, the unpredictability of arts funding, and the decisions of the suits.  Earlier in the weekend I was at the new Forecast Academy here in Clapham Common and realising that Oliver and Jody are offering an immense gift to young people by creating this immensely professional and welcoming new school.

There is a fundamental connection between good teaching/fine mentoring through the power of the arts; and a human ability later in life to use performance, movement and music to rant-out the frustrations of life.

Now maybe the young people from all over London who apply to the Forecast Academy think they are just learning the skills necessary to get into the next school, conservatoire, or casting session.  [And definitely within a year the two founders have had young people prepared and awarded places at the BRIT school, a major television Academy, top universities, and TV jobs] I recommend having a look at their website and exploring why this school is very special.

Some of the students will gain immensely powerful life skills, and move forward in their lives as lawyers, teachers, global entrepreneurs, retailers and restaurateurs. They will make sensible money and may take some years to return to a joy of singing, or movement, or poetry.  But in time they may have cause to thank the Academy for some expressive skill.

Now there are many schools.  This is a Saturday school with 6 terms of 6 weeks each across the year. Every teacher is a professional, working in the business. There is already a phenomenal range of associates who bring their skill and wisdom to the students.  The founders are determined to focus on the 13-20 year olds who are ready and willing to dedicate 4 hours a week plus travel plus preparation to come to the Forecast Academy and find other members of their tribe.

My reason for writing this blog, is to ask for your help.

Oliver and Jody have created this Academy in the fantastic facilities of Lambeth College. They have invested their hearts and skills.  Now they need to get the word out to more young people and grow it.  The decision maker on choosing to go to this school is not the teacher, or the parent, it is the young person themselves, but first they have to notice this amazing opportunity.

If you are a peripatetic music teacher, or work in a the arts in London where young people are involved, or know of pockets of creative young people who might enjoy finding more of their tribe each week in London, then please could you reach out to them and bring the Forecast Academy to their attention.

Now back to my other weekend joy. As I type this there are 7 creative artists in front of me – French, Mancunian, Iraqi, Welsh, Essex, and Kentish exploring the art of ranting and 19th century hysteria.  They are blessed with knowing their tribe and coming together to work, share, cheer, offer feedback, and support each other making work.  This is their adult “academy”.  New work is being created, new skills learned from each other, and new ways explored to tackle the world we live in through performance, movement, music.

Don’t keep it in, don’t lock it away, let it out and share your artistry.  I relish the chance to witness this sharing by young people in training, and by professional artists with their tribe. I add to them both my offer of coaching, feedback, and surgery services.

Amazing weekend.  Hope you had a good one too.

Please check out Forecast Academy. See if you can help spread the word.