David Cameron “What would his grandmother say ?”

I have been struck this week by realizing that I am becoming more political in my old age, more concerned about the state of the world, and more worried that there may be nothing I can do to make a difference. I am starting to read Naomi Klein’s epic work on climate change and the need to change the way in which we think about economy and the world. “This Changes Everything” follows on from her “Shock Doctrine” both of which, I trust, Mr Cameron and all those who seek to lead the world forward have read and considered carefully.

Yesterday I was at a lunch for my 87yr old mother-in-law gathering all those relatives who will not be travelling with her over to Australia next week to see her international family. I was leaning against the bar when Jonny wondered of Mr Cameron’s recent actions “what would his grandmother say?” .

What would a wise one suggest to Mr Cameron when he and his party abstain from a vote to save the NHS from international acquisition? What would his wise ancestor say about his celebration of privatization of everything for short-term gain, and the championing of a deficit rich completely unsustainable economy. What would Ms Nicky Morgan’s wise aunt or grandmother say when she appears to dismiss all those who seek to study humanities and the arts in this country ?.   And what can I do to make a difference.

Well, it’s Sunday above a pub as I am writing this.  I am sitting here watching 8 individual creative artists, part of the Authentic Artist Collective, loosening up for a day of sharing their painting, creativity, music, drama, dance and passion for life. At the end of the day they will go out into the world buzzing with their own power to create, and they will re-enter the real world and continue to shine out and change people’s lives.   But what can I do to make a difference ?

This week I have taken the second stage of my exams as a personal business coach (and I passed yippee). I have had a week of coaching creative artists – a writer and puppet maker, a dance producer, a playwright, 30 emerging actors, 8 emerging actor musicians, a choreographer & filmmaker, a commercial copywriter and webmaster, and an international songwriter and band leader. Why do I make a difference ? I hope it is because I listen and believe in their importance to this world. I hope I stop them from giving up if they worry what Mr Cameron and his many besuited leaders of the world will do next. I hope I encourage them to shine out with their joy and skill so they too can change people’s lives.

This morning I am exploring self-doubt, because that’s all I can really explore and have an impact upon. I can’t explore whether David Cameron, or Monsanto, or a tabloid paper, or a bank leader have self-doubt. That is for them reflecting on what their grandmother’s might say.

I can only question how best I can shine up my vibrational energy, my light in the world, and my gifts so they are most useful. As I get older I believe in myself more and doubt myself more in equal measures.

Today I know that, for the next 6 months at least, I will become more of a political being. I will reach out to anyone who will listen to encourage them to believe that the world can be a better place. That trusting in a headline in a paper, or a bank offer, or a special price from a food company, or the promise of a politician is not enough. We need to think, find a way to explore each idea in our hearts and in the wider context of the future of our world. And then make a considered judgement when we decide where to put an X next May.

As artists we are blessed to have creative space and self-understanding to explore. We have ways to express our feelings and our concerns. We have opportunities to lay questions of our planet and our lives in front of people through theatre, art, poetry, film, music.

So Ms Morgan I so so so so disagree with your unfortunate comments this week. I suspect you do to. Please correct the imbalance – I’m sure your aunt or grandmother would appreciate you being honest from your heart about the importance of the arts.

All good wishes