Art of Being Heard


What you say matters. How you say it matters. But how it is heard by your audience matters the most.

A collaboration project with communications and business coach, Kath Burlinson, The Art of Being Heard programme is a personal impact training programme that has been improving the communication skills of business managers and influencers for over six years. This one-day course is aimed at business professionals who want to increase their personal impact and get their message across with authenticity, power and presence.

Unlike many business development programmes, The Art of Being Heard offers individual attention to each participant so everyone is able to get the most out of the session. Sessions are targeted towards aspiring and current managers who need to enhance their confidence in verbal communication.

Extremely informative insight into how small changes can affect the way you present yourself. ” SB-F, Managing Director, 2012

Often, you get just one chance to make an impression. This has helped to secure that moment” PL, Executive Director, 2010

Program details

Maximum 8 people

Full day one-on-one session(10am to 4.30pm), light lunch – £425 per head. Bespoke programme for 6 staff members – £400 per head. These prices have only risen by £50 since 2010 to maximise accessibility.

For a 4pp introduction to the course please contact Chris Grady

We have run the course for a full board of directors; for marketing and sales teams across the UK; for freelancers, surgeons, head teachers, and fire chiefs; and as a programme embedded in ongoing CPD for middle managers in a plc.  It is a pleasure to see the difference a day makes, and to hear feedback from some of the 250+ previous participants as they put some of the tools to good use days, weeks & months later.”  Chris Grady

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For information on the Edinburgh introductory Masterclasses (Jan and Feb 2020) please go to this page on the site.  Thank you