Stagescripts 10@10 quest for 10 unsung plays

Stagescripts is celebrating its 10th year as a publisher and rights holder of plays and musicals.

We are looking for 10 plays which have had at least one professional production and which deserve to be championed for a further life.  (By 10 different authors)

And then we will be seeking the help of 10 theatres across the UK to present new professional readings of these works (Subject to getting a bit of ££ support)

The following document will give you background and small print, with key dates and criteria

Stagescripts 10 at 10 announcement 180918

or here if the link doesn’t work (same copy, different platform)

If you are a writer of a play which should be considered, then please download the following announcement information and then go here

If you are a writers’ agent, or the producer/director or a play which you feel deserves to be championed again then please check with the writer and then nominate/upload the play here 

If you are a professional theatre across the UK supporting/producing British contemporary writing, then please pass the word/this information to the writers on your database, and consider whether you would like to be one of the 10 theatres with whom we work for the reading of the 10 chosen works.

We are also looking for some additional readers, ideally independent producers or directors, who will volunteer in the first round to assess some of the submissions.  Please email chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org if you are available.

Thank you for your support in launching this project.  First submissions can be uploaded from September 25th with a closing date of Fri Nov 30th.

David Waters, founder and managing director of Stagescripts, in launching this 10@10 Quest said:

We honour the new work festivals, the awards for commissions and first-time productions, and everything done to allow new playwrights to have their work brought to life for the first time, but we want to make sure these works are not consigned to the bottom drawer or treated “like single-use plastics.” I am seeking to find 10 plays which tackle universal themes, demonstrate the potential for multiple productions and licenses in the future and are by writers who seek to develop and deliver stage plays for popular and larger audiences now and into the future.”

CGO will seek the support of theatres and producers across the country to recommend plays for us to consider.

Chris Grady of CGO added that

We have a team of freelance producers and directors who have volunteered to act as independent readers for the search. We expect to favour plays which are 50-90 minutes. Most importantly, we are keen that the 10 plays will reflect the UK population as a whole culturally, geographically, and in terms of gender and diversity of characters/roles, themes and authorship”.