Here are a selection of testimonials from Linked-In collected in 2012 to reflect the nature of CGO and our “personality”.

“There are few projects or companies that couldn’t be improved and inspired by Chris Grady – he combines a wealth of knowledge and insight with a rare enthusiasm which rubs off on you. I’ve worked with Chris in various capacities – some business, some creative, some both – and can strongly recommend that others do the same.”

Paul James  / Head of Commercial Development at PCG The Voice of Freelancing

Although supremely experienced and well-connected in the arts world, Chris has qualities which extend beyond this sector: he has a sensibility about how businesses work and how people connect and inter-act that is seldom found in just the one person. Above all, Chris is a joy to work with and I heartily recommend those who have never shared an idea with him to try and secure a place at a CGO Surgery – you will be thanking me as well as Chris!”

Fiona Orr, Owner Consultant / Torr Partnership
Previously Project Manager Queen Margaret University

“I’ve worked with Chris over a number of years and in various roles from the TMA to Theatre Royal Bury and have always found him to be thorough, reliable, enthusiastic, supportive and knowledgeable.”

Ruth Eastwood / CEO Blackpool Grand
Previously CEO Leicester Curve and Poole Theatre/ArtsTrusts

“Chris is an outstanding leader with a deep understanding and love for the arts in general and musical theatre specifically. He is a consumate professional and a person of high ethical values. Chris would be a valuable and trusted member of any team.”

Stewart Slater / Consultant Cookson Slater Inc
previously President / CEO, American Musical Theatre of San Jose

“…Don’t let his grey hair fool you… Chris shows incredible youth, drive and passion for the … industry as well as upcoming young talent. Combined with his vast and impressive experience … this makes him THE go-to-guy for those who want to turn their dreams and ideas into actual projects.”

Florian Fettweiss /‎Consulting Director at China Media Mgmt Inc
previously Asst to the Assoc Producer Stage Entertainment,Berlin

“Chris has been a great support for me as an artist. I was particularly impressed with his openness and enthusiasm around learning across disciplines and in pushing what might be possible…and I know that Chris will also provide me with opportunities to work with [them]…- and I’ll always say yes!”

Rajni Shah / Director and Producer, Rajni Shah Projects

“…incredibly creative, very sensitive, very wise, direct and inspirational. He certainly knows his business and I would highly recommend him to anyone. What he doesn’t know about theatre and the industry isn’t worth knowing! Hire him immediately!!! You won’t regret it.”

Suzanne Lofthus / Director, Cutting Edge Theatre

“Chris is one of that rare breed who have a sharp eye for the numbers and details whilst at the same time being a nurturing and supporting manager and colleague. He is diplomatic and generous without losing sight of the business goals and objectives. His years of experience and his pursuit of new work and practice makes his knowledge and wisdom about the theatre industry enviable.” 

Lynne Whitehead / Head of Creative Learning, Bury St Edmunds

Having known Chris for over twenty years he has proven he delivers the rare ability of being able to understand the small details whilst having a full overview of a situation or project. Chris understands the changing needs of both the client and its customers. With an expanding client base including events, conferences and the wellbeing industries Chris has been able to bring his project management and development skills to a new arena.”

Paul Savidant / Brand & Business Dvmnt, Mkting & PR Consultant

“Chris was a Trustee of our company for a number of years and has also worked with us in a consultant and advisory capacity. Chris has a very creative approach to new work and has an enviably large network. We would work with him at any new opportunity and regularly create opportunities to bounce ideas and create opportunities for exploratory conversations. Chris is inspirational as well as being a man with great judgement, profound integrity and vision.”

Tina Ellen Lee / Artistic Director Opera Circus and Co Director Objective Cinema

Chris was an important element in the creation of the group known then as the Edinburgh Capital Group This was a grouping of what might reasonably be described as Edinburgh’s purveyors of entertainment. The group still exists and has gone from strength to strength in that it still covers the same market but much of its earlier success can easily be laid at Chris’s feet.”

Major Brian Leishman / Retired Consultant at Majoritas

“I have known Chris Grady since 2009 and only have the highest praise for his imaginative yet practical response to challenges he’s given. His years in the business have not only given him the expertise in, but, also the personal connection to, the theatre and arts-based industries. From observation I have admired his friendly and open approach to colleagues and people seeking his advice and, from my own point of view, Chris’ unending optimism feels grounded in the reality of the business, which is rare and a refreshing change. If only there were more people like Chris Grady around”

Jamie Zubairi / Actor, Voice-Over, Artist, Photographer

I am delighted to recommend Chris Grady. I have known and admired him since we were students. His experience, wisdom, attitude, skills and great good humour are second to none. He has worked in many areas of production, administration, leadership and creativity, and at the highest levels of the profession. His consultancy and advice services are superb. Don’t think twice – call on Chris!”

Andy Jordan / Founder; Producer/Director at ANDY JORDAN PRODUCTIONS Ltd

“A surgery with Chris at CGO is a transformative experience, whether it be as a private arts practicioner or as a business.  Needless to say Chris has a wealth of experience working at the highest level in his chosen fields, he has that to draw on, but is always current and aware and the immediate way he works, with great clarity and an amazingly wide frame of reference, brings real results. This frame of reference applies to a number of fields, not just the arts – produces concrete and informed strategies which work at all levels of your business. Chris is used to scale and the surgeries bring a creative and solid approach to any kind of business.”

Iain Finlay Macleod / Gaelic/Scottish Writer and Tweed Business Owner

Enormous thanks to so many people for their supportive and at times “over the top” comments. Its a bit like collecting items for an obituary – we’ll save them carefully for The Stage in case they become useful, but there’s life in the old dog yet, and we have new tricks to learn.