Clothing Optional Performance Invitations

This page offers information on any known Clothing Optional performances which are available to an invited audience. This is not a public page, but rather a holding page for information.


“Wine, dine and celebrate life like the Gods and Goddesses you are, with an evening of DIVINE PROPORTIONS. For these special performances, you are welcome to enjoy the celestial feast without the bounds of your earthy attire.”  – See Review further down this page.

Thursday 8th November: 4/10 update By popular demand, this performance has also been designated as an all genders and identities clothing optional invitation to you.

Saturday 24th November: This evening we welcome singles and couples of all genders and identities as clothing optional heavenly creatures. 4/10 update Selling out fast

The Vaults has established a special link along with this private invitation for you to book your tickets: You will need to leave your full name, email, and contact details in case we need to reach out with any detailed arrival instructions.

CGO is particularly keen to work with new networks of creative beings to increase awareness of both performances and ensure that those who may be first time clothing optional explorers will feel welcome to book one or other of our two performance opportunities.   If you can help us get the word out then please email me chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org.

Reviews out 22nd September:

Deliciously risqué, the sybaritic evening is an all-encompassing voyage through a world where extravagance is the norm, labels are left at the door, and everyone can be who they truly are. It’s the master of ceremonies themselves who leads the way: self-indulgent, infatuated with the queen of the underworld, and transported by Aphrodite, they indulge in the same pleasures they offer their guests enthralling them with songs and a rockstar attitude.” Broadway World

Shotgun Carousel is the production company behind this latest transformation of the snaking vaults beneath Waterloo station. Divine Proportions is a five course, cocktails, cabaret, and hot candle wax kind of a show, geared towards anyone considering formalising their own debauchery as religious devotion….it’s funny, warm and inclusive. But through the prism of an ancient genderqueer deity, through this icon of androgyny, the invitation is extended to step outside the restrictive confines of gender, and leave it behind…” Exeunt Magazine

Review: Divine Proportions at The Vaults


REVELATION THE MORE SHOW / r&d for a new project in October 2018

CGO is developing a new Happening which is hoped to open at the Vaults as part of a UK wide tour of theatres, spaces and open air festivals in 2019.  In October we will be looking for some test “audience” members as we try out some of the explorations which will be part of the eventual participatory clothing optional Happening.  If you are a theatremaker yourself, and would like to know more about taking part, please email Chris at chris [at] chrisgrady [dot] org.  Thank you