Politicians and decisions in my name

So today the government voted for an amendment to an Immigration Act which the Minister of State in charge specified to the House was illegal and unworkable.  As Nick Robinson said we have entered Alice in Wonderland politics.  Labour seem also to have voted for it…so I really really don’t understand any more.

Over the weekend at www.devotedanddisguntled.com I became aware of the fact that it can be hard to agitate and raise awareness of serious issues. I’ve not been an activist. I’ve been on very few protests.  I’ve never made my voice heard.  But this weekend Hugh (Cambridge writer) and I raised issues about Fracking because, again, politicians appear to be passing through legislation to make it easier for the corporations and harder for the people of this country to stand up and question their rights.   I’ve put a Google alert to pick up a daily digest of news on Fracking.  I am getting really disturbing reports through.  Try it. It’s free. You can bin them. But maybe you will read a couple.

Two days ago the government got legislation through the House of Lords despite the vote in the Lords being 245 against and 245 pro.  This will reduce the ability for charities and politically aware agitating organisation from raising important cases in the run up to the next election.

So does that mean we will be reliant on soundbites, pictures of billboards which are only put up for the media to photograph, and narrow-cast tweeted and facebooked social media onslaughts from those who want our vote.  Major issues may be raised,  about which I do not have enough knowledge to explore the two sides of opinion.  And now the very people who have the knowledge are being silenced.

As I understand it the Theatre is now one of the few places where serious debate can be entered into for a collective audience of opinion formers.   That may be a real challenge and rallying call to us all to try to make intelligent, balanced, powerful theatre which gives our audience a chance to think without ramming a message down their throats.

I have been thinking recently just how sad it is that Politicians collectively seem to be far far more determined to make decisions which will keep them in their seats for another term, rather than consider the long-game, the future of our children and their children.   They appear to be selling/leasing off 50% of our land for Fracking under our very houses – and now, if I am reading that right, we can’t object.

Now is not the time to be apathetic about political decisions.  I will help those who appear to understand the real issues to make their voices heard in any way I can as an arts admin person sitting behind a laptop.   Maybe we can make a difference at the ballot box next year.  Maybe we can find enough politicians who wish to protect the future of their children and their grandchildren, even if it may cause pain for their shareholders and corporate colleagues.

My Facebook page is looking less celebratory and more agitating every day.  I hope my 2000 plus twitterati and facebook friends will share and RT as much as they can.  Thank you