Old F.A.R.T offline

Am I the only old arts professional “Failing to Appreciate Required Technology”. I don’t have my computer pointed at a daily update from Arts Professional (which I have just been told no longer produces its fantastic printed resource) or online Stage (which I rely on for a weekly digest of things I should have found out in the bar/forum) or even the BBC online. I am out of touch. I am a child of the inter-tech generation. In the 80’s and 90’s I was chair of, or on, almost every computer user group for box offices at one time or another (and a thorn in many sides). I teach and champion online marketing. I cheer fantastic websites. I tweet and blog. But all these are active intentions to reach out to an audience. However I am not a recipient of so many of the messages and noise out there. I am losing out. Am I alone ?

I think I am a cat that can learn a new trick (or is that dog…must check on Google). But I can’t change my spots.

So if you are a provider of news I wonder whether you are missing a trick by not finding someway to get me engaged … And to get me to pay for the privalege if necessary.

It is somewhat ironic that this blog will only reach those who actively look at Whatsonstage and follow the steady stream of new stuff uploaded. Plus my loyal and wonderful tweet and facebook followers who might see this article flying by as they try and concentrate on work.

I have a real suggestion. I wonder whether there is a market for paper and post again. I wonder whether I would pay my share of printing (recyclable + a bit for re-forestation) and postage (plus a bit for carbon). I now love getting post. I may not read it immediately. But I take the paper and the magazines in train journeys and enjoy the sense of wonder at what I learn. You, dear reader, will have learned it a week or more earlier from a blog or tweet. But I am happy to read it now.

I’m not so, so out of date. I was horrified to talk with a highly skilled young actor who has worked with the best to find, 4 days after I’d read it in The Stage, that they didn’t know who the new director of the National was. This is a young techno-savvy online person. I am a mere Radio 4, The i. , The Stage kind of person. I felt very smug.

So dear online creators. Remember us old FARTs and think how you can reach us.

PS I teach MA Arts Management and marketing so happy to suggest a few very old strategies to get me engaged


PPS Will someone DM tweet me when this goes live because I may not spot it and I’d love to RT it and share it on Facebook.
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