Edinburgh Blog 5.5 – Shows I will miss

Each year I leave the festival with a small pile of leaflets for shows I would love to have seen. They are usually linked to people I have met at the Fringe Promoters breakfast or my CGO Surgeries.  I will have missed some gems. So for those with space on their dance-card here is a random selection.

30bird.org – Domestic Labour: A study in Love – saw a scratch.

To The Moon – Claustrophobia – met the new writing organisation

Casual Violence – The Great Fire of Nostril – a fly-man who talked to me

Pandora Productions – The Jammy Dodgers – met at a CGO Space session

Audacious Productions – The Odyssey – met writer, closed too soon

Movin’ Melvin Brown – met very persuasive publicist at Promoters Breakfast

Ria Lina – School of Riason – came to one of my earliest CGO Surgeries

Tasty Monster Productions – Singlemarriedgirl – met at a show

Chaplin – at school with translator & bumped into one of the cast

UCLU Runaground – The Duchess of Malfi – a fly-man who talked to me

Dashing & Reckless – Frankenstein Unbolted – know the promoter & director

Institut Francais – Suris chaos – met a delightful champion at Promoters Breakfast

Festival Highlights – Siddhartha – colleagues say its sexy as hell and great

No Logo Productions – Casual Encounters – met at promoters breakfast

(also playing Courtyard London 16th Sept for 2 weeks – so may catch there)

Guy Masterson – Nuala McKeever in In The Window – met at Promoters Breakfast

Rosie Wilby – Nineties Woman – had an inspiring CGO Surgery

Spring Glory Cantonese Opera – Backstage – met at Promoters Breakfast

Marcel on Stage – Marcel Vol 1 – a multi national Dadaist theatre company

JV Squad – Party in the USA – met at Promoters Breakfast

Laboractorial – Cia dos Atores – met at Promoters Breakfast

Monkey Poet – Shit Flinging – love his work, can only see one of his shows

We Were Kings – at Space venues – met the director this morning

Darkle – at Space venues – met the producers this morning

23 shows out of 3000+ that have caught my attention, introduced themselves to me , or been on my “wish I had more time” list.  If you choose to see any of them and enjoy – please let me know

I’m off to Belfast now for YMT:UK Triptych Project, then back for a couple more days of mad catch up of shows with Kath.