CGO Institute for Creative Producing

“Tell me. what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” Mary Oliver

CGO is establishing a new programme over 16 weeks accessible to aspiring creative producers of theatre and the performing arts locally, nationally, and internationally. The course will be cloud-based, run from Scotland, for a limited number of practitioners who will work together and learn from a range of established arts professionals.

This gathering of plans and ideas is designed, firstly, for a potential student on the Diploma programme. It aims to enrich the 2 page introductory document and give you food for thought and further research.  It will also form the core document from which the Faculty will develop the individual lesson plans, and understand the ethos of the Institute.  The first cohort will help to shape this also for future generations, starting in November 2020.

  • The course may be centered around theatre practice, but it is open to creative producers working in all performing arts (including opera, live music, dance, circus, live art, musical theatre and festivals and more).  Many producers work across a portfolio of projects which may also encompass visual arts, publishing and film.  The course will not focus on these areas, but the skills taught will be transferable.
  • The course is cloud-based allowing participants to be together at one time on one platform working from their own home/work base. It is hoped that many will meet together ‘on the ground’ away from the cloud also. It is envisaged that the course will help each participant find a mentor, placement and local network which are planned to be on the-ground interactions in and around your own planned future work base.

Chris Grady has 40 years experience in the theatre/arts business including 10 years developing and leading courses and masterclasses in Creative Producing in London, Cambridge, Edinburgh, China, Russia, Korea and Japan.  This website offers other areas to look at CGO and Chris’s work.

  • The course will be led by Chris Grady but taught by many different practitioners who share a similar passion and vision for the role of the Creative Producer.  Below you will find introductions to some of the voices that will share the platform in teaching, mentoring and supporting the initial cohort of participants.

The course is vital in the current state of the world today, to act as guiding lights for artists who have ideas that can impact change. Producers are needed to foster stronger ties, especially international collaborations – to seek opportunities to find what connects us as human beings. Producers also support artists in charting journeys and pathways to realise stories that are yet to be told and to offer reflection to the world – from climate change, to protest, to injustice to political upheaval, etc.”  Mohamad Shaifulbahri / Joint Artistic Director, Bhumi Collective / Singapore & UK

A 3 minute introduction to the course from Chris Grady