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  1. Brilliant blog. Totally agree Chris. Thank you.
    I was so inspired by your visit to Calais last year that I was going to come out and work in the kitchen.

    It is sometimes said that – ‘Life is what happens to us when we are making others plans’

    I am currently with/near a poorly Mary following an end of life scare just over a week ago.

    [CGO edit – removed more personal statements that followed for privacy sake]

    Sending love


  2. Shall we go to Calais, I gather they make great curry?”

    According to the Mayor of Calais this is the starter question which will lead Eritreans, Kurds, Iraqi, Sudanese and others to leave their homeland and walk or smuggle themselves 2,000 miles to Calais. Fortunately when they get there Refugee Community

    Chris, could you direct me to where the Mayor says that? I have read through the French press and cannot find a record of her saying that.

  3. I see. By putting quotation marks around the words it very much appears that it is a direct quote and as such is misleading. Will you correct it?
    I have found a quote for you, it is Mme Bouchart and appeared in La Voix du nord (local paper) on 14/3/17. She explains what the plan is. Far from leaving migrants destitute, there is the possibility of them making an offical claim for asylum in France and receving housing, services etc. I’m assuming that as your organisation works in France you speak French? If not, let me know and I will translate for you.
    « Les migrants ont la possibilité de se doucher, d’être hébergés et nourris dans les centres d’accueil et d’orientation répartis sur le territoire national », souligne-t-elle. Natacha Bouchart ajoute que pour les mineurs (ils sont nombreux à Calais), les places d’accueil du foyer de Saint-Omer ont été accrues, ce qui permet leur « mise à l’abri systématique, d’autant plus qu’un système de transport de navettes et de taxis a été mis en place par France Terre d’asile, permettant ainsi une prise en charge à partir de Calais, à toute heure. »

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