22nd June 2016 NEW E-BOOK PUBLISHED the-anatomy-of-your-creativity


Please take a moment to check this out, download it for your own use, and for the support of your staff, colleagues, students and friends. It is filled with simple self-help tools for your creative life support.


Chris Grady.Org offers creative business life support and we help you make connections. 

Are you working in a field that you’re passionate about and that makes you happy? Is your business developing at the rate you hoped for?

The pressures of managing work and every day life can often put your personal ambitions and professional objectives on hold. We often find ourselves pursuing a day-to-day existence that doesn’t live up to the life we once dreamt of.

I offer a wide range of coaching methods to get your personal and professional life moving in the direction you want, supported by over 30 years of personal experience in marketing and business management for SMEs, charity and the creative industries.

CGO provides coaching, mentoring, and personal performance training that focuses on making small changes that result in big impact.

Based in the United Kingdom, Dr Kath Burlinson and I work closely with other experienced business coaches, to deliver one-on-one sessions, group seminars and surgery sessions from the heart of Suffolk and Central London, as well as by Skype and in person internationally.

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We hope to inspire people to answer poet Mary Oliver’s challenge “Tell me, what is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?