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We help you make connections – internal ones, with your self and your ambitions; and external ones, with the business or world that you wish to explore.  We coach, we teach, we consult/produce projects, and we facilitate conferences and trans-national/sector connections.  Chris’s history is in and around the theatre/event/charity/festival business, but our clients come from many sectors including the arts, wellness/holistic practice, University departments, SMEs, sole-trading in legal/accounting and beyond.

Chris Grady.Org offers creative business life support and we help you make connections. 

We offer a wide range of coaching methods to get your personal and professional life moving in the direction you want, supported by over 30 years of personal experience in marketing and business management for SMEs, charity and the creative industries.

Dr Kath Burlinson and Chris work closely with other experienced business coaches, to deliver one-on-one sessions, group seminars and surgery sessions in the UK as well as by Skype from their Edinburgh and London base, and in person internationally.

CGO works as a theatre/project producer and trains/mentors others in the business of the arts

Chris established the MA in Creative Producing at Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts and now works with many of the graduates on new projects, as well as leading producer networks and research projects linked to creativity and connection.  We are developing training in China and Saudi Arabia with partners.

CGO is creating a new touring Happening for 2019 entitled “Revelation – The More Show” which seeks to wonder “How do we choose to reveal our bodies through life, performance, and art ?” This is clothing optional theatre.  We are delighted to be working with The Vaults and producer Ellie Claughton on this project


Why not check   Chris Grady: Biog   Kath Burlinson:Biog      Testimonial     We hope to inspire people to answer poet Mary Oliver’s challenge  “Tell me, what is it you plan to do / with your one wild and precious life?”

 E-BOOK PUBLISHED the-anatomy-of-your-creativity


Please take a moment to check this out, download it for your own use, and for the support of your staff, colleagues, students and friends. It is filled with simple self-help tools for your creative life support.


Your Life in Theatre” by Chris Grady still available at all good bookshops and online. For more information have a look here