Wellbeing & Equity


For both Faculty and students, developing and sustaining an online course over 16 weeks is a challenge. We have intentionally limited each of the 2 days per week to 4 hours teaching time with the whole class. These will usually be in 2-hour sessions with a 10-minute break for air/downtime in the morning and the same in the afternoon. We will seek to use tools which harness all different learning styles.

As you work online, think of the ways in which you maintain your wellness, so that CGO can be aware and put possible strategies in place.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

To help CGO in this work we have gathered a Guardian Group who, together with the Faculty and CGO Associates, have ‘lived experience’ which covers the 9 protected characteristics of the UK Equality Act. Together they have further lived and learned experience to offer, and intersectional perspectives. This group will be there to support and challenge the work of the CGO Institute on behalf of the audience and practitioners of the future.

The Guardian Group

Amy Trigg | Actor and Writer
Andrea Hall | Actor and Writer
Dollie Henry | Jazz Choreographer
Fin Ross Russell | Storyteller and Theatre Activist  
Flo O’Mahony | Director and Facilitator
Miiko Toiviainen | Actor
Paul Whittaker OBE | Musician and Musical Theatre Signer
Tanya Agarwal | Producer

CGO Associates

Tania Azevedo | Director
Ellie Claughton | Producer 
Emma Martin | Marketer
Kate Reed | Filmmaker
Kate Taylor | Producer

Policy Documents

Policy and procedure documents on all aspects of equity, diversity, equality, and inclusion are continually reviewed by our advisors. These inform our practice and are used as a teaching tool for all Diploma students. CGO Students and Staff continually evaluate these documents within the evolving context of the industry.

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