CGO Institute – Dip CP Who are you ?

Every person considering the Diploma in Creative Producing will have their own story and their own reason for considering the course. 

Experience suggests participants will be drawn from one of the following groups.

  1. practicing creative producers working freelance or within organisations;
  2. graduates from a University programme who believe creative producing is a career to pursue but who have not gone down the MA route (For example you may have studied Marine Biology but you were an essential part of the Live Art scene or University dramatic or operatic society management.)
  3. those who became excited by arts and culture at school, never went to University, got a job which paid the bills, knew they needed to refind the creative path, have some arts, fringe, project creation experience and now need some core skills training and opportunities.
  4. those re-training who may have been performers, writers, or engaged in a related industry and now need an intense training regime to get re-launched.
  5. those thinking of doing an MA but would like a kick-start or intensive immersion in the subject area first.

It is envisaged that the Diploma cohort will be a mix of the above. You may or may not fit one of these areas. If you don’t PLEASE still contact us.  If you want to be a Creative Producer, then we want to hear from you:

Coming together as a small group of passionate creative practitioners gives the opportunity, over an intensive 16 weeks, to create a professional friendship network which can support you in the future. It allows each person to understand themselves better and to build resilience. By offering a mix of tools and rules, knowledge and informed opinion, passion and practicality, we will aim to work together to begin your journey to change the world one show at a time. I hope you will consider this new opportunity” Chris Grady

Places are limited for each cohort. We will take a maximum of 16 students. We want to get to know you, work in a single classroom (in the cloud) and ensure every voice is heard.  At this time we don’t know the competition for places. We have developed an application process that seeks to allow the widest range of applicants to be considered.

Niels van Doormalen DipCP –

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