CGO Institute – DipMTW Diploma and Wellness

The Diploma

This is not an automatic award because you have paid your fees and been around for 20 weeks at some or even all the classes.  The Collaborative projects all need to reach a ‘pass’ level. All are collaborative and some are group marked, and so you need to be working together to make that possible.

A final assessment will be made by the CGO faculty around attendance, contribution, engagement with the core faculty and any mentors, and tutorials. Presuming you ‘pass’ this then a Diploma certificate will be awarded by CGO.

You will then join an Alumni of ‘Diplomats’ from the courses and we will work with you to keep in touch, share opportunities for commissions and projects, and continue to build a community of creative makers of the future.

Online Wellness

We are aware that for both the Faculty and the students, developing and sustaining an online course over 20 weeks is a challenge.  We have intentionally limited each of the 2 days per week to 4hrs online time with the whole class. This will usually be a 2hr session with a 10 minute break for air/downtime in the morning and the same in the afternoon.  The third day you will collaborate using cloud-based platforms of your choice. We will learn with you best practice.  We will seek to use tools which harness all different learning styles.

As you work online in many settings think of the ways in which you maintain your wellness, so that CGO can be aware and put possible strategies in place.

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