CGO Institute – Course Structure

The course is 16 weeks. Teaching is concentrated in two days per week for 12 of those weeks. This leaves students ample time for study, preparation, earning a living, and producing work. A minimum intake of 6 students will launch the programme, and the cohort will rise to a maximum of 20 Scottish, UK-wide and International Students. The first course will run over a 16-week period Mon 2nd November 2020 to Fri 19th February 2021 with a 4-week study break from 14th Dec – 10th Jan. 

  • Each week will focus on 2 days in shared space.  During that time there will be 6hours of masterclasses, practical classes, knowledge sharing seminars and tutorials.  We will work in English as a common language for the initial cohorts. We are working to enable a multilingual teaching platform to be available.
  • It is expected that students manage their own time across the remaining 5 days of the week to include any necessary paid work, their own research and reading, and collaboration with other students to develop group projects and presentations.
  • As Creative Producers we will encourage you to produce your own work and continue to build your career – rooting yourself more fully in the artform, community and cultural ecology you wish to work with in the future.  Your tutor, mentor and all of us will support you in this development.
  • Each module will have a short shared or solo assignment to demonstrate embedded learning and practical application of the tools shared with you.  Completion of these to a satisfactory level will lead to the Diploma being awarded.
  • Timings for class will be determined to maximise daytime access across the cohort. Presently planned for 11am-1pm, 2-3pm GMT Tue & Thur.  Expect this to change.

The First Cohort

Dinarius struck by Mark Antony ‘cohors speculatorum’

On November 2nd 2020 we will start a new course built from years of experience in different ‘on the ground’ training programmes.  You will each come from very different backgrounds, and be based in very different physical spaces across the world.  The most important task for the first few days will be to build a community which can trust, grow and share together.  Each lecturer knows their subject through years of experience. Each of them has worked with Chris Grady in creative producing classroom or masterclass settings and so the team know each other well.   We will learn much in this first 16 weeks from you, and together we will work the best way to create the inspirational course that we all want.   Thank you for considering applying to be part of this first cohort.

This course is needed because good producers need to be nurtured and supported” Ellie Claughton / Independent Producer LUNG, Breach, and Barrel Organ / UK

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