Just the ticket...

Just the ticket…

40 years ago this week a wonderful man, Ken Fraser, took the headlines with The Stage and with the theatre press announcing the invention of the very first computerised box office system ‘poised to change the face of the British box office’. At the time I was Assnt Theatre Manager at Bristol Hippodrome, spending many […]

I’m finding Unicorns

On 11th April I wrote a blog entitled Looking for Trainee Unicorns in which I explored the need to uncover the creative producers of the future – the inventors, employers and facilitators of the future. In the last 4 months I have been building a faculty of teachers and diversity guardians, and undertaking many workshops […]

Finding future musicals 1998-2019..and next ?

Finding future musicals 1998-2019..and next ?

This weekend in my diary was set aside to work for Fiona Orr reviewing 10-15 new musicals at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019.  The Musical Theatre Awards have been consistently given each year since I invented them in 2008 alongside the Musical Theatre at George Square programme. First they were run by Musical Theatre Matters, […]

The new world of Zoom Zj-ing

The new world of Zoom Zj-ing

Over the last few months I have moved so much of my life and work online, as so many of us have. When lockdown started, rather than cancel our monthly gathering of freelance theatre producers I worked with a tec colleague Caron Lyon to look at various platforms I had never heard of.  On Tue […]

Meet the Faculty No 6 – Nick Williams

I have known Nick over a number of incarnations. First as an inspiring arts manager, then as an immensely supporting lead manager in Arts Council England where, along with a mass of high profile London arts clients, he looked after the fledgling Musical Theatre Matters network I started. Then as an unexpected co-traveller to the […]

The Happiness Choice

The following post seems to have appeared in November 2017 on Facebook under the heading “It’s okay to be not okay”. It landed on Kath’s page yesterday. Just occasionally I use my blog to share an existing poem or article, and this seemed so right today. This 92-year-old, petite, well-poised and proud lady, who is […]

Diversity and Aspirations

My laptop is filled with powerful statements about equality, anti-racism, equitable and positive action, discrimination, trans rights, and learning/access challenges for 13 different physical and invisible disabilities.  I am working through Layla F Saad’s disturbing workbook “Me and White Supremacy” and I have just been given a fascinating dissertation on bisexual young people exploring bi-visibility […]

Ready Steady Cook

Last night the UK Government announced a package of funds for the English theatre and cultural scene which may offer a reprieve to those organisations that have not already made their staff redundant or gone into receivership.  There was also a welcome announcement 2 days ago from the Scottish First Minister which felt enormously encouraging […]

Cultural Life Support / not induced coma

A letter to Oliver Dowden CBE MP, Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Dear Mr Dowden I have worked in the theatre and festival sector for 45 years, and have 5 years to try and work before retirement.  The industry has enabled me to be freelance and employed, to pay my taxes […]

The concept of business growth The use of the regeneration of trees.

Hope & self-strategy – The theatre of the future

There are a lot of very scared people out there. Scared they may not have a job, scared they are preparing to make long-time friends and staff redundant, and scared their bulding/company may fall off the cliff edge which seems ever closer.  But there are also the same ‘customers’ there that have always been there. […]