Changing the world – one producer at a time

The world is a troubled place and there are many stories that need to be told and need to be heard. I am hopeful that some leaders get the need for the arts. In sharing an article about New Zealand’s arts recovery boost I wrote – The arts heals, the arts enriches life, the arts […]

Producing – Proper Job – Honest

Workshop Participant: “I learned tonnes of answers that i didn’t even know the questions for…! Really exciting to hear about the industry beyond student theatre as well, and have a chat about the big post-covid questions… thank you thank you thank you!” Student / Bedlam Theatre It is fascinating meeting the next generation of theatremakers and […]

Brake or Accelerate ? – A Creative Producers’ dilemma

Confusion, overwhelm, unrealistic expectations, and uncertainty of what to do next seem to be very understandable emotions as we all check that, if you are living in England, you understand any aspect of the instructions from y/our leader. I am so grateful that here in Scotland we have the joint leadership of Jane Godley and […]

Gratitude – what’s your lockdown gift to yourself ?

I have in front of me a card from a glorious pack of inspirations by Ghata Engels called ‘creative gateways, inspirations and meditations’ Today’s card is Gratitude and it suggests reflecting on what I can be grateful for in my world at the moment, and what I can be grateful that I am manifesting or […]

Unlocking Creativity - a vital Role of the Producer

Unlocking Creativity – a vital Role of the Producer

Each week I am looking at my work and my path to starting the Diploma in Creative Producing in November.  Yesterday I received our first completed application and assignment, and I am awaiting a number of others.  I am delighted by the interest in CGO Institute and the ways in which the organisation may develop […]

Wonder at a ‘new normal’

From all the devastation of the fires across New South Wales and beyond last year, I was struck by a series of photos taken by my sister-in-law who went off to volunteer with BlazeAid for many weeks helping farmers to repair their land.  The photos were of tiny shoots of natural recovery amidst the wipe-out. […]

When This Is Over by Jamie Zubairi

When This Is Over by Jamie Zubairi

When this is over,When the numbers have fallen,When we can give our neighbours a hug,When we can kiss our grandparents on both cheeks like they do in Rome,When we can whisper to our parents and our children “I love you” in their ear,When the sound of children playing is coming from the school yard,When my […]

Looking for trainee unicorns

Each week, until November, I intend to use my blog to chart the development of the CGO Institute from the idea (Sat 28 March 2020), through launch at the virtual NSDF Conference (Sun 5th April – see blog Launch into the clouds) and onward to the arrival of the first cohort in the cloud on […]